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Mountain Poustinia is an intentionally creative space where art, theology, spirituality, motherhood, farm life, rare disease advocacy, c-level consulting, web/graphic design and business strategy converge - color is language, nature is scripture, and the nonduality of paradoxes are a daily reality.

This is the life created by Heather Thompson in the wake of a life changing and ultimately life affirming traumatic brain injury in 2011.  It has been a long road to integrate who she was before with who she is now...and Heather is getting there...slowly.

The Franciscan-leaning, contemplative monastic developed an unquenchable love of theology and the very rare gift of acquired savantism after the TBI. With the encouragement of a dear friend, she tried painting about four months after the injury. An explosion of art emerged from her hands over the next days and weeks as if she had been pent up for her entire life. Articles have been written about Heather, as there are less than 100 acquired savants worldwide. That said, she prefers life in the quiet on her mountainside. 

As Heather's brain continues to heal (the process never ends), she works to integrate her former CEO identify with her present self. into her present identity. Prior to the accident, Heather was an award-winning entrepreneur, strategist, keynote speaker and highly sought after marketing consultant in healthcare. Although the monastic life seems very different from her entrepreneurial roots, Heather thrives on the simple life with her daughter as they embrace the challenge of mini-farm life. Add the perpetual challenge of nondualistic theological self study, reflective painting, and expressive writing and it's a fullfilling life!

This blog is serious, silly, thought provoking, and at times controversial. Heather will be the first to say that she is "in a state of becoming." In other words, she is still learning, and doesn't pretend to know everything. It must be said, therefore, that this blog is a journey and it will reflect Heather's growth along the way. 

It takes courage to be REAL, especially since reality is often messy. Thank you for joining the journey.

Photo of Bandito by Heather Thompson, Blue Phoenix



Art and Poetry by Heather Thompson


Rooted, SHE begins.

From the depth of the


Where she walks…

She observes the peaks of

Mountains on all sides

Forged in fire,

Yet frozen in ice.

SHE walks the nutrient-rich soil In between.

Where wild flowers grow


And rivers caress the land

Carving new formations

Where individuals become communities

And crops feed the tribe

And horses gallop through

The billowing blades of grass.

She persists.

Where barbed wire separates the land

And blood is shed

Humans battle against one another

The stench of death a harbinger of


Absorbing into the Earth…

Enriching the soil…

And bursting forth new life.

Tiny sparks of green

Poke through the blackened dirt

A new beginning…

In the meadow


Container Of Life.

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